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Your most valuable intellectual property is not your patents.
It is not your technology.
It is with your people.

Five Doors of Success

In his book, Joshua Candamo, encourages all generations to seize control of their future, on their own terms. Five Doors of Success breaks down professional success into five simple journeys. These journeys aren’t related to attributes you are born with or reserved for privileged or lucky individuals. They consist of skills and knowledge you build over time. It’s a path you’ll explore entirely through this book, including solutions to the pitfalls you’ll encounter along the way.

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Authority Magazine interview with Joshua Candamo
Common Communication Breakdowns
Authority Magazine
In the dynamic world of business, where rapid decision-making, seamless collaboration, and innovative strategies are critical, effective communication is essential. Yet, we find that even in the most successful corporations, communication breakdowns can become a regular occurrence, leading to misaligned goals, misinterpreted strategies, and missed opportunities. In this series, we are talking to CEOs, COOs, CTOs, and other C-Suite leaders, to discuss what leads to communication breakdowns, and more importantly, how they can be avoided. As part of this series, we had the pleasure of interviewing Joshua Candamo.

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